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2-day Global💚Workshop

2-day "Balance, Health & Happiness" Workshop

Come and enjoy the 2-day workshop!

Are you ready to take responsibility for your own well-being, and to experience how the path towards happiness, health and Love can change your life FOREVER …

This fun and enjoyable workshop is a celebration to help you learn how to clear old patterns and “clutter”, and open up new horizons … Reconnect to the Quantum Field, and become the greatest grandest version of yourself!

… you will be guided to apply the following concepts:

– Law of Attraction
– Principles of Epigenetics
– Conscious Parenting
– Unconditional Love
– Living from the Heart


Joseph H. Ewalts Ph.D
Mr. Lenny Limpus

Sunday June 11th 2023, 19:31, Venlo

LLast week I participated in the 2-day workshop “Balance, Health & Happiness”, which I would categorize as a life-changing moment for me. In this workshop, everything I had been wondering about lately came together. A group of ten beautiful people came together to speak, to keep silent and to share. One insight after another came to me. It was – definitely in the beginning of the workshop – very overwhelming. It felt like a tsunami of new energies which made me feel uncomfortable. It was an energy I had never felt this strong before. Despite the discomfort, it was also the most loving energy that I had ever felt in my life: I didn’t feel alone anymore, I felt seen, I felt heard, I felt called.
A few hours, a lunch break, and some help from the Universe later… , I knew I could surrender to this energy. Yes! This is how it was supposed to be!

There is a reason I chose to be there on this exact moment. Apparently, it was intended for me to experience this energy and it was intented to shine my light inside me. Wow !! After day one, I went home so much lighter and … I was still full of energy. I felt so much more comfortable, self-assured and above all I felt love. Real Love. Wow. Amazing. AIl the worries, all the insecurities, all the discomfort disappeared right away. Even years of therapy didn’t make that happen. Now I know I am good as I am. Now I know I’m here for a reason. Everything is already here and I am allowed to explore the NOW.

Day two was just as special as day one. Once again, the insights were coming to me like a jaguar hunting his prey. The workshop was held in the “Boomhut” (Dutch for Tree House), and man…. it really felt like a BOOM hut!! An explosion cracked the old stuff. Now I am ready to let go of everything that doesn’t support me any longer, and to make space for the new. It felt like a big bang which made me doubt everything I thought I knew. An implosion. My real SELF is saying Hello.
Even though there are still a lot of condititioned beliefs of ‘the system’ floating through my energy field, I am ready now to let go of the stuff that doesn’t resonate with me anymore, … and to welcome, embrace and get to know mySELF. So that I will be in my full potential to do what I came to do here. This feels so good!

The big difference before and after the workshop is that before the workshop I THOUGHT this was the right thing to do, afterwards I FELT/KNEW this was the right thing to do. I am so grateful for this workshop! So thankful I chose to be here, at the age of 28. I still have a whole life in front of me (or even more 😉 ) to discover step by step what the Universe has to offer. And even then, we know just such a small eeny meeny thing about all that IS.
This is just the beginning. We’ve just started. Thank you for this amazing experience!


… for more information on concepts/topics/terms, please look at “9-day Retreat”