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The Preschool BrainBalance Program

Learning is about playing 🙂

Dyslexia …? !

The Preschool BrainBalance Program has the potential to bring about hemispheric balance in the child’s brain. The benefits would serve children in any country in the world, and would give the child the opportunity to start out with a balanced brain, before starting reading and writing.

The Preschool BrainBalance Program

Download your free preview version of our Preschool Brainbalance Program – a support program for teachers, parents and instructors,

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Donate $5 and download your full version of our Preschool Brainbalance Program – a support program for teachers, parents and instructors, a program to prevent imbalances like dyslexia 

The Masterclass

  • explains what is the relationship between the occurrence of Dyslexia, Brain Imbalance, Stress and … Happiness
  • offers parents and teachers the tools and instruction how to apply the Preschool BrainBalance games and exercises, at home or in preschool
  • is offered at a very affordable fee, in order for many parents and children to be able to reap the benefits of it !
  • is coming up soon. The Global💚Team goes for it to have it online within two months – especially since we feel that doing these games and exercises with the little one would be the greatest present for 2023, for both parent and child!

The proportion of children and adults with dyslexia is becoming higher every year.
A recent study published on the Internet mentions that the percentage in the US may be as high as 17%.  In the Netherlands there are schools where as many as 30% of the students are registered as being dyslexic.

School children with dyslexia get extra help from special education teachers and/or go to institutions for receiving special training to alleviate the problems of the “deficiency.” While there has been a lot of research into dyslexia, there has been very little substantive progress as to where it comes from or how to treat it.

PSBB is a concise program of just four simple games and three exercises. The results of the research (see dissertation) show that after doing the program for just six weeks – two times half hour a week – 18 or 19 students in a class of twenty have obtained sufficient brain balance to be ready for reading and writing! 🙂

Who is this course for?
The Online PSBB Course was developed:

– for parents, teachers, school administrators, and Ministers of Education.

– for promoters, volunteers, special educationalists and individuals, who are concerned about the wellbeing of the child.

What is the goal of the online course?
It incites parents to do the games and exercises of the PSBB Program at home with the child from age one up to age five.

School administrators are invited to embrace the program as an opportunity to fulfill the needs between parents, teachers, and child – for easy learning.

What are the benefits? Who benefits?

First and foremost, it will put an end to the consequences of a brain imbalance, such as dyslexia – the program promotes the child’s self-esteem, self-confidence, behavior, school liking, and … happiness.

For school administrators and ministers the great news is that the program can save millions on the long-term costs of literacy difficulties, nationwide!

Six reasons to implement the Preschool Program, without notice:

Reason #1: the Program can be easily integrated in any preschool curriculum.

Reason #2: The program is concise and simple — easy to be learned and taught by the teacher.

Reason #3: The program is suitable to be presented to the whole class

Reason #4: The educational resources to do the program are of an extremely low-budget nature

Reason # 5: It will put an end to the sufferings of millions of children !

Reason #6: Introducing the program saves millions. Here is some proof of evidence:
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