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Six Reasons to Implementthe Preschool BrainBalance Program, without notice:

Reason #1: The program can be easily integrated in any preschool curriculum.

Reason #2: The program is concise and simple — easy to be learned and taught by the teacher.

Reason #3: The program is suitable to be presented to the whole class

Reason #4: The educational resources to do the program are of an extremely low-budget nature

Reason # 5: It will put an end to the sufferings of millions of children !

Reason #6: Introducing the program saves millions. Here is some proof of evidence:

“The Effects of Dyslexia on Society, and on the Child”
With percentages of children needing special education and students diagnosed with dyslexia on the rise, schools, parents and society are confronted with a financial issue. The 2009 KPMG Foundation report, The Long-term Costs of Literacy Difficulties details the overall costs that result when illiteracy secondary to dyslexia is ignored. According to KPMG, “in the United Kingdom the total resulting costs to the public purse arising from failure to master basic literacy skills in the primary school years are estimated at between £5,000 and £43,000 per individual to the age of 37, and between £5,000 and £64,000 over a lifetime. This works out a total of £198 million to £2.5 billion every year.” (The long-term costs of literacy difficulties, 2009)

The text above is taken from the dissertation:
The Games and Exercises of the “Preschool BrainBalance Program” Reduce the Incidence of Children with Dyslexia

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