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With a Program to Prevent Dyslexia.

Happiness A Matter of Balance and Love

With a program to prevent dyslexia!

Jos’ final sabbatical puts him on the track of the mesmerizing authentic Maya culture. An encounter in Guatemala rouses an “Aha” moment that changes his life forever. He says goodbye to his native country and sells his house to start a center in Guatemala. A year later he picks up the idea to write a book about the content of his PhD thesis, actually covering the same ground as the programs originally planned to be started by the end of 2020 – at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Based on the premise that life is a mysterious giant jigsaw, the reader is invited to accompany the protagonist on his “camino” – ultimately, through allowing life to come to a standstill, all puzzle pieces will eventually fall into place. We see how (Self-) Love serves as a stepping stone toward Balance and Happiness. On top of that the book presents a simple concise program through which every kindergartener will be able to start out from (brain)balance – the greatest present ever for every “new” child on the planet :)))


In April 2015 in San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala, the author happened to meet Mr. Denis Lortie—a French-Canadian chiropractor. It was this eminent soul who actually planted the seeds for the Global💚Center’s two courses: Preschool BrainBalance and Global HeartBalance Program. On the deathbed of the spiritual father, Lenny and Jos solemnly promised Denis to finish the job: spread that message of Love and Light all over planet Earth! First through publishing the Happiness book, next by starting the two life-transforming courses, basically covering the same ground as the content of the book.

Written in a lucid, light-hearted style, the book invites the reader to accompany the protagonist on the “camino” of unlimited quantum possibilities. 
The book provides the tools leading to the spiritual insight that will allow you to put all the puzzle pieces of your “Book-of-Life” into place. *
On that ‘camino’ you will be invited to take a Quantum Leap, and … detect in yourself the happy and healthy human soul that you have always been!

En route, the story shares how taking the responsibility for creating one’s own positive environment — through brain balance —surpasses the limitations of scientific, left-brain oriented thinking. The book unfolds how—through epigenetic principles and quantum choices— every soul on the planet can consciously choose to create a benign environment for themselves. Thus taking responsibility for their own wellbeing.

Furthermore it illustrates how through conscious parenting, the “new child” will be in the position to function with unlimited brainpower. This way the hypersensitive new child will start out with a balanced brain, giving her the potential to think out of the box and create miracles! Ultimately, it’s the parent’s responsibility to conceive, raise and educate these gems in a conscious environment 🙂
Surely, Humanity and Mother Earth can no longer wait!

Matter of Balance and Love 

Rewrite your Book of Life
Dissolve and transmute all the “if’s”
Open your heart ..!

Embrace the “if’s”

Allow them to be filtered through the all-healing Self- Love and Compassion of your heart …

Your Life is your Teacher !


“Celebrate who you really are”

This book is about yourself !
You are invited to MIRROR everything that
happens in the protagonist’s life …
Take that quantum leap …
that will open the portal to access the Christ that dwells inside you, …
and that you’ve always been !


          Don’t read the book … with the purpose to finish it …
          Don’t read the book … to know what it’s about …

                 But experience it … to know yourself 💚

“Mother Earth and your Life is your Empowerment school …”

“Your present daily life is the temple and mystery school,
and you are your own master teacher and guru …”

– From: Anna, Grandmother of Jesus

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In fact the book
“Happiness a Matter of Balance and Love”
“With a Program to Prevent Dyslexia” actually covers the same ground as the courses, available  At or Amazon link  

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