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Joseph Ewalts

I used to be a teacher, for as many as 38 years – in the Netherlands and in the US. While taking my final sabbatical in April 2015 I ended up at beautiful Lago de AtitlΓ‘n, in Guatemala, where I met Mr. Denis Lortie.
This encounter would change my life forever … He introduced me to a program that would prevent or even rule out learning impediments like dyslexia.
Then in that same week I met three youngsters who had done the program. One lady from the US told me she couldn’t read a book and hated school. But after doing the simple program with Denis, she went back to the US and came back with a Masters in Pedagogy! Next she started working together with Denis to introduce the program in Central and South America.
After learning all this I knew one thing for sure: the world needs to know about all this!
So next thing I called my boss to tell him I would quit my job – because I had found an even more meaningful thing to do with my life than to be a teacher πŸ™‚
I teamed up with Denis and Lenny, learned everything about the courses, and picked up a quantum study to create a solid foundation to spread this ground-breaking stuff. From 2021 at our GlobalπŸ’šCenter here in San Marcos together with Lenny, we developed the two great courses presented on this website.
And dear people, we have never been more ready to get the message out into the world!


I was born and raised on the shores of beautiful Lake AtitlΓ‘n, and grew up in a multicultural environment, blessed with two wonderful parents!
I’ve always been profoundly interested in the wonders of life. As a kid I was crazy about riding my bicycle to school. Growing up I loved swimming, hiking, biking, running and … daydreaming.
But school (or should I say the system) turned out to be pretty confronting for little Lenny – always feeling “different” from the others …
Up to age 12 I simply hated school, got bullied by other kids. I had an aversion to learning, lacked confidence and had a low self-esteem as a result of being pretty much dyslectic.
But then I met Denis, a kinesiologist from QuΓ©bec. With a few simple exercises he repatterned my brain … Right away I felt something had changed! And guess what … Suddenly learning became fun for me – I actually became one of the best students in class!
I started working with Denis as an apprentice and eventually taught educational and emotional kinesiology courses at Smile Center San Marcos, together with him. Late 2015 Joseph joined us … and in 2021 him and me started out working together at the GlobalπŸ’šCenter.
We developed two great courses, both based on Denis’ wonderful groundwork … Here we are! Eager to share all of it with you !!


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